Bronx Fashion Week

Andres Rodriguez

Creative Director

Urban View from Window

Andres Chulisi Rodriguez is an award-winning actor and self-published author of his book "Slips, Trips and Falls" a collection of personal essays and poetry. He has produced, written and directed arts in all its mediums. From theater, dancing, singing, and fashion. His love off fashion started young when he would help his mother sew clothes. From there he decides modeling which he did in his younger years. This is where his love off runway took hold. He loved how with characters and different walks one can show presence and demand attention, all this without saying a word. Being in BXFW has made him not only fall in love with fashion again but love teaching the runway to those seeking to master “The Walk”. the comedy troupe Lose Controltv which all content can be found on youtube. His one man show “I'm Just Saying” has sold out venues all over NYC. He has personal essays that can be found in Hispancedotes and Rumpus. Brooklyn born and raised he now resides in Harlem and is the creator to Chulivision, a variety show that showcases poets, singers, actors and musicians. He is in the works of writing his second book accompanied by another one man show.