Bronx Fashion Week

Raymond Chankasingh

Marketing Dir. / Photographer

Urban View from Window

Raymond Chankasingh is a Published Photographer who has blessed the runways of large-scale fashion events such as Bronx Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, Fashion on the Hudson and Couture Fashion Week just to name a few. His love for the art of photography started in a dark room with his camera and the Dewitt Clinton High School and its football team. His love of photography happened by complete accident as a friend invited him to photograph her daughter at Atlanta Kids Fashion Show where he found the passion and love for this art. Photography is not something he just produces, it is something that manifests a change in clients that hire him and, in the work, that he does. He captures what the human eye leaves behind. He is a chronicler of the human condition, for better or worst. His photographs spark conversation and inspire the imagination with a vision that cannot be taught it must be experienced. I introduce you to Raymond Chankasingh Fashion Photographer Extraordinaire!