Bronx Fashion Week

Crystal Gomez

Runway Director

Urban View from Window

Supermodel, Crystal Gomez, aka” The Slayer”, is a Published New York-based model defined by her determination and poise. Crystal is a mother and partner who truly stands for what she believes in, allowing it to influence her artistic craft.This Puerto Rican, Bronx born model, is Lead Model and Runway Coordinator for Bronx Fashion Week in addition to providing care to patients battling cancer at Mount Sinai Hospital. Her poise and determination are what defines her, it is truly who she is. Attention to detail and respect for the craft are qualities that truly pore out of Crystal on the runway. She has extended her modeling into benevolent activities for the youth and supporting artist of all types.  Even creating a community-based graffiti art fashion show with her partner this past summer. Crystal facilitates modeling classes for models of all ages and attributes her success to leading by example as a Professional Runway Coach, working woman, loving partner and mother to her young daughter. She embraces who she is, and it shows every time she slays the runway.  She does not conform to society’s norm but to her ideals of who she should be by empowering others through her love of fashion.Looking for someone who is about her business? Crystal is that person with personality Just as Sharp and detailed as her catwalk.