How To Feel More Luxurious on a Budget

by Isabella Cordaro

Purchasing luxury brand items can seem unrealistic for young professionals on tight budgets, but appearing luxurious doesn't have to be. The first key to obtaining the look you want is budgeting. If you allot a small portion of your weekly or monthly income for things you want, eventually you save up your pennies and have enough. I used the old fashion envelope system where if I ever had spare cash I put it away in an envelope, then used that small savings toward items that would make a difference in my aesthetic.

Luxurious people always seem more neat and on top of things, don't they? Clean spaces and organization is the second key to feeling ritzy and more in control of your environment. Having closed storage, a tidy bedroom, and clean clothes is so important. When you're disorganized or have a stain on your shirt, you appear unprepared for the day and definitely not lavish. Let's say you save up and invest in some Chanel makeup or a YSL perfume. Displaying some small luxury brand items on your dresser, or have a clean desk with just your laptop and a chic black book exposed are ways to add a hint of luxury to your room aesthetic. And, after all, people always say we are products of our environments (for better or worse). Not only will that clean, chic desk make you feel more productive, but seeing that Chanel lipstick you bought with your hard earned money usually feels pretty damn good. Surround yourself with a pleasing and healthy environment to aid you in adjusting your personal brand.  

The third key to appearing and feeling more extravagant is having simple, sleek items that look chic and more expensive than they actually are. Before you can purchase anything out of your budget, I definitely recommend looking on Amazon, basic clothing and home goods shops, or other sites where you can find chic, off-brand items at killer prices. You have to be a good shopper to find these steals, but its totally possible. Amazon, for example, sells elegant notebooks and planners that you can carry around, simple handbags, great off-brand jewelry, fashion scarves, belts, etc. Staple pieces in a wardrobe like a nice fitting white shirt or a pair of classy black shoes are easiest to start with because versatile items go way father in a wardrobe than outrageous fashion statements. Ladies and gentlemen, less is often more. 

The last key I want to note when updating your wardrobe and aesthetic is to accessorize smartly. Have a structured bag, wear a belt or watch if it fits the occasion, and don't overpower your outfit with jewelry. Clean, crisp colors like white also look more luxurious than wild neon colors. Invest your money in a nice, structured black bag rather than a cheap, sparkly clutch you can only use a few times a year. The right makeup is also important because too much or too little can throw off your entire look. Makeup can be just as much of an accessory to an outfit as a necklace. When you're interacting with people, they are looking at your face and then clothing. You want to present yourself as someone who cares about their appearance and is properly and appropriately ready for the specific occasion. 

For those of you who have saved up and want to start with small investments: here are a few of my favorite luxury brand finds that I can either carry around or set out on my dresser for both every day use and display. 

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara

Miroir Double Facettes Mirror Duo 

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Tinted Lip Balm

YSL Mon Paris Eau De Parfum

These are some easy things to work on if you want to make a personal change. I firmly believe we can reinvent ourselves as often as we choose to, but taking the necessary steps to see those transformations through is crucial. If you want to feel better about how you look or the lifestyle you live, then focus on what steps you need to take to get from where you are now, to where you want to be. Tiny tweaks, big results! 

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