The Power of Connection

The world is evolving right before our eyes. You walk into shopping centers, and you can sense the tension. You can feel the fear, stress amongst strangers, and visible anger. This virus has become our new reality, unfortunately, and why is that? The media has pushed upon us to conform to this “social distancing” have no contact with one another – I mean, even so much as having us social distance from our family. Regardless of the turmoil, we are living in, and we can not let these experiences change who we are, what we feel, and what we stand for as a nation. There is nothing more powerful than a connection, whether through a hug or a handshake or even communication. Remember when we stepped out for our first date with someone new? Happy hour at the local bar when seamless people gather to enjoy each other. How about just a conversation with your neighbor? Now it seems so far away – we are now being pushed to this social distancing. There is simply nothing that could replace the power of being kind and watching the rippling effect of another smile on a friendly face. How about Sunday Service where we gathered to be in a house full of God, where we confessed our love to the all-mighty? Where a handshake right before the sermon was everything? The CoronaVirus wants to teach us new ways of communicating, which I don’t believe. We cannot conform to this new reality of social distancing because we are human. We need human connections with open hearts. Don’t allow this pandemic to take away the only thing we need.

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