Bronx Fashion Week hosts some of the leading fashion events in the country by encouraging and empowering people through fashion. Since our inception in 2013, Bronx Fashion Week has been dedicated to cultivating the success of both established and emerging designers and other talented individuals by advancing diversity and inclusivity within the fashion industry.  

As part of our commitment to up and coming talent, Bronx Fashion Week hosts a multitude of events and programs that highlight designers, artists, models, etc. from the Bronx and surrounding areas. Our mission is to continue to create platforms and opportunities that help talented individuals build their brands, reveal their talent, and expand their network. We want to bring people together, we want to share our passion for fashion, and most importantly- we want to give everyone an equal opportunity to make something of themselves in this competitive industry.

We can not achieve this mission alone. Bronx Fashion Week is working hand-in-hand with other organizations that share the same vision in order to build a strong future for the fashion industry. Our roots are stapled and tied to the Bronx, and therefore our initiatives are extremely important. We truly believe in the talented artist of the Bronx and we know they need help gaining exposure and recognition. Fashion is used as a communication tool around the world, and our vision of cultural diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry is so undeniably important. With strong partnerships, we are using innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to share the message of fashion across the globe.